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A story that unlocks the ancient secrets of time, space and the unknown. Where mankind meets its creators, fighting together against an enemy older than this universe itself.

It is 2341 A.D. in extropian future China when the life of Wang Long Sheng suddenly changes. Encouraged by his childhood friend, he departs from his Taoist monastery home in the mountains of the New Asia Plateau and moves to the A-Nation Central Dome City to take part in a world-wide recruitment of becoming a 'Spacetime Warrior'.


After weeks of hard physical and mental training at the Special Forces Base, Wang and his new friends are announced as 'Unit 12'. Being their official leader, Wang takes his unit on a short trip back into the past to solve the mystery of a contract signed between the former U.S. president and Queen Ce-loo-me of Lyr-a from the galaxy of Andromed-a.


An unexpected revelation, however, forces Unit 12 to fight side by side with the Lyr-ans against the reptilian Dark Lord Uruk-maan and the Lur-aan Command in space.


During Wang's transformation from Taoist Monk to Spacetime Warrior, he also develops a very close relationship with the beautiful Lyr-an Princess Dha-loo-ma who introduces him to the ancient secrets of the 'Eye of Qi' and the 'Circle of Shambhala', and prepares Wang to play his part in the holy 'Prophecy of A-an'.




"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

J. E. Kerry is a 1984 German born, China expat and the award-winning creator, writer and producer of the international Qi Franchise. Having studied, lived, and worked in China since 2005 in the fields of education and language training, marketing, public relations, and the Entertainment business, Kerry founded her own film production company in 2010 with her Chinese business partner to foster multiracial and transnational stories for the mainstream market. Growing up as a professional martial artist, dancer and actress, Kerry learned quickly to master her all-round skills and even became a 2-times World Champion in Okinawan Kobudo Kata; spending her childhood and teenage years teaching in the Kung Fu school of her parents martial arts, taiji, yoga and meditation. With the traditional Chinese geomancy and numerology knowledge at hand, taught by her father, Kerry became a passionate science connoisseur and developed early on her taste for the Science Fiction genre and everything that leads to the disclosure of fringe sciences, metaphysics, extraterrestrial life on Earth and in space. With SPACETIME WARRIORS, Kerry has made her debut as a novelist.



"To a mind that is still,

the entire universe surrenders."

Qi's mission is the promotion of a transnational, multiracial story with the goal to educate the mainstream about fringe sciences and technology by giving them a glimpse into how poverty, war, and the destruction of this planet can be solved for mankind to evolve to a Type 1 civilization.


Another aspiration is the realization, acceptance, and question of future alliances with extraterrestrial life-forms on Earth and in this multiverse, may they be benevolent or malevolent.


The main theme of the book reveals more about the ancient knowledge of the matter that the Chinese call "Qi" (energy, force), and its universal, metaphysical use that has been long forgotten but is actually the key to everything in existence.

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