WAR OF THE GIANTS - Covid19 Unveiled

Updated: Apr 13

The engineered virus and the Stealth War between the U.S. and China


by J. E. Kerry

"Boyd Swinburn, an Australian professor and longtime member of WHO's nutrition advisory committees, said:

"WHO is getting hijacked. They're cash-strapped, and they're bringing the private sector in. That's very dangerous."

Proven fact is that the WHO, in collaboration with the private sector, must have planned Covid-19, just as they did with all other pandemics before. In order to declare a global pandemic, you must hit a high number of infected people over at least two WHO countries for phase 5 and an additional country outside the WHO region for phase 6, in other words, you need a widespread. But it wasn’t always like this. The original rule stated that people had to actually die in big numbers before a phase 5-6 emergency protocol could be enforced on a global scale and therefore take away human rights by dictating even negative tested people to stay at home and imposing a fine if they should go outside.

That in mind, nowadays, you simply have to orchestrate a rapidly rising number of “infected” (not dead) people in a short period of time, spreading over two or more countries, to have the WHO declare a global pandemic and therefore keep word to their contracts with the pharma industry which needs to make big money every 5-10 years with their introduction of a new vaccine for a newly engineered virus."

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.

Please keep this event in mind as a further puzzle piece when reading my other article:


by J. E. Kerry



by J. E. Kerry

There have been many Westerners asking me whether it's true or not that the numbers of infected people in China have dropped. Of course nothing dropped at all. The numbers will most likely even increase over the next weeks but if you know China and understand how the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) functions, then you can be certain that we are now entering phase 2 of their disinformation game.

What I'd like people to understand is that the "U.S. - China War" is far from over. We're right in the middle of it. Everything that has happened the past 12-24 months on a global scale is connected. You may call it the "Battle of the Giants". The Hong Kong protests were a first big hit to dismantle the CCP. The Covid-19 bio-attack is another one to rattle the CCP from within their own country, giving fuel for doubts among Chinese citizens that blame the CCP for the millions of deaths that were not even officially reported back to the West, which could have prevented the outbreak of a pandemic. 

Hence, it's important that you read my above article on the engineered virus in which I put together some solid facts that play a very big role in this game and the aftermath we're about to face the next weeks, months and even years because the financial crisis is coming, the EU crisis is coming (big times), and EVENT XXX will happen in the very near future as well. 

More than 15 years ago, I heard the first time about "The Kabal", also known through mainstream media as the N.W.O. (New World Order), that want to create a global state of elitist technocracy. We can name this small elite of the richest people in the world what we want, fact is, they were always aiming for the establishment of the legendary "3 pillars": 

  1. The United States of America

  2. The European Union

  3. The Democratic China

These 3 pillars would guarantee an unlimited global power without any restrictions "for them". Before Chinese president Xi Jinping announced his lifelong leadership, there was actually some hope for the Kabal to form China step-by-step into a democratic country. With president Xi, however, all these dreams were shattered within the blink of an eye. Hence, the goal now is more than ever to ruin the CCP from within because only the Chinese people themselves will be able to make that drastic change and go against their own government to demand that Xi Jinping steps down as president and the CCP must be reformed into a democratic parliament. 

Well, what can I say, Westerners simply don't get China or Chinese culture. It will most likely take two more generations until China will adapt and become as democratic as the U.S. or Europe. It won't happen in our life-time. That's for sure.

So, what is my point, you might ask yourself? My point is that there is no good or bad guy in this War of the Giants. It's all a matter of "angle", "survival" and "keeping power". 

It's more or less a game of strategy. And China's strategy and response to U.S. attacks has always been a very long breath by keeping two faces, just like the ones we know from the Sichuan opera.

However, it is important that each one of us uses the internet to do their own research and educate oneself on non-mainstream platforms about globalism, foreign affairs and finance. Knowledge is power. And we all need more knowledge in order to look right through staged events such as the pandemic or the aftermath that is about to hit soon.

That being said, and while you're in quarantine, check out the following videos to widen your horizon.

UPDATE VIDEO BELOW confirms the video above, posted last month here in this article.


To all the non-believers who think that Chinese agents aren't real, I can personally, first hand, confirm they are. The following video explains 1:1 what my source's cover was, how he had been recruited, where he worked, what his daily job "actually" demanded of him before he came clean to me a couple of years ago and finally left the Chinese NSA.

I can highly recommend you to watch more YouTube videos featuring Robert Spalding. He is one of those very few foreign people who truly understands China from the inside out and warned already many years ago about the U.S. - China war. That's why Spalding also titled his book "STEALTH WAR - China's Silent Takeover While America's Elite Slept".

If you know you can't win a war against a giant like the Chinese military, then what other option do you have? Well, how about a bio-weapon? The Trojan Horse to weaken the economy and military from within. I believe, I don't have to go further into this strategy but I'd like you to listen carefully to James Fanell's explanations on the situation the U.S. finds itself at the moment. And then remember what I wrote about everything regarding the pandemic being linked to the WAR OF THE GIANTS and the Kabal. Connect the dots.

James Flanell, Former intelligence chief of the U.S. pacific fleet challenges the conventional wisdom that the U.S. military is unsurpassed by any force on this planet. While acknowledging that the Chinese military has strategic vulnerabilities, he warns that the U.S. might go to war with China over Taiwan in the next 30 years not adequately prepared and not confident to win.

Economist Danielle DiMartino Booth destroys China and calls Covid-19 "An Act of War" in a sit-down with Patrick Bet-David. Order the book Fed Up : About Danielle: As Founder & CEO of Quill Intelligence, DiMartino Booth set out to launch a #ResearchRevolution, redefining how markets intelligence is conceived and delivered. To build QI, she brought together a core team of investing veterans to analyze the trends and provide critical analysis on what is driving the markets – both in the United States and globally. A global thought leader on monetary policy, economics and finance, DiMartino Booth founded Quill Intelligence in 2018. She is the author of FED UP: An Insider’s Take on Why the Federal Reserve is Bad for America (Portfolio, Feb 2017), has a column on Bloomberg View, is a business speaker, and a commentator frequently featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox News, Fox Business News, BNN Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance and other major media outlets.


by J. E. Kerry



by J. E. Kerry


THE MAGIC FREQUENCY - to kill any virus

by J. E. Kerry


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