DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE - Emery Smith Exposed

Updated: Sep 11, 2020


by J. E. Kerry - Author of THE CHRONICLES OF QI (Spacetime Warriors)

This goes out to all my fans, friends and business partners. The past months, and especially the past two weeks, have been very troubling for me and many others in the UFO community who know the famed Gaia TV Host Emery Smith privately and professionally, and belonged to the so-called "Inner Circle". I would like to use this opportunity to apologize to all of you for introducing Emery Smith on my website and social media without having done a proper background check on my own, simply because I've trusted Gaia TV and David Wilcock on Cosmic Disclosure that there had been a thorough vetting process before bringing Emery Smith on the show. I don't want to point fingers but I think it's important addressing the fact that Gaia TV, David Wilcock and many others were complicit in the lies and the representation of Emery Smith, knowingly conscious about his criminal background and alcohol problem that simply led to the development of his substance-induced psychosis, followed by his pathological lying.

I've thought a lot about how to write this statement and discussed with people directly involved with Emery on a private level, proving to me first-hand through extensive footage, audio recordings and other well documented legal material that I've been fooled and lied to, just like many other business partners and friends before me.

I did see various red flags popping up along the way but as an empath and a spiritual being, I'm always trying to put myself into the shoes of the other person and give my best to understand his/her situation from their perspective, creating a 3D view of things. Hence, I don't want to express hate or anger towards Emery or animate others to flip the switch and just pick sides. All I wish is for you to read the below and be cautious.

In respect to Emery's ex-partner and her healing process, I've decided to not go deeper into details about people involved in the events that took place this year late March to April 2020 at Emery's and his ex-partner's home which was further communicated to me by Emery in a completely different light to discredit his ex-partner and her family in order to save his own skin and to cover up the fact that he has a serious alcohol and drug problem and seemingly engages with the wrong people.

Since this is a public message to all of my fans and Emery's fans, I hope you can understand that I'm not willing to publicly disclose legal evidence at this point in time.

What's been said is that there are ongoing investigations regarding Emery's criminal activities to which I cannot comment because I haven't been involved in any serious financial businesses or issues with him. However, he did throw me under the bus by simply dropping out of our project without informing me ahead of time and having an adult conversation on the matter and also thinking about what his decision to drop out would mean to my business. So, there's certainly a pattern in his misbehavior and lack of communication and empathy.

I'm truly sorry if all of the above might come to you as a shock. Trust me, I feel you because like so many others, I believed in Emery and even called him privately my "cosmic brother", my family, especially because we were born on the same day and same month and shared an intellectual intimacy.

Therefore, I hope my statement encourages others to conduct their own research or come forward to unveil the truth about people in our UFO community and help with the vetting process, so to avoid the spread of misinformation and fraud.

Also, try to be critical when it comes to fantastical stories, especially when you are on the search for truth and spirituality.

It's very easy to fall down the rabbit hole....


The following material is being shared with the public to demonstrate the lie being fed to me and others by Emery Smith in order to discredit his ex-partner and her family as "con-people and professional criminals paid by the Cabal to kill him" (this was his background story to me), which is nothing short of liable and slander. The two video snippets provided by the family can be found in a public Dropbox folder on the YouTube channel POINTS ON THE CURVE (see more below).

The following snippet was sent to me by Emery Smith on April 11, 2020.

The above allegations aren't true. I've seen hours of footage and listened into audio recordings myself that were recorded as evidence (and protection) the day Emery's ex-partner moved out. Emery was highly intoxicated for almost two weeks from March 22 to April 4, 2020. I've read the entire timeline/report of events in detail myself. There's much more to that story, and there were other witnesses involved, but again, in respect to his ex-partner I'll keep further details, and the entire backstory that began already in 2019, out.

All I wish at this point is to clarify things and hope others will come forward, too.

I can confirm to everyone having been fed the same lie of the above screenshot:

  1. Emery Smith's ex-partner and her family didn't in any way physically attack Emery Smith and gave him a black eye. They were rather scared he would pick a fight while he was intoxicated. That's the only reason the family was present on the day the ex-partner moved out, trying to protect her and prevent him from stopping her to leave him.

  2. Emery Smith wasn't poisoned by his ex-partner or her family. It's a complete lie made up by a third party involved, conspiring against his ex-partner and her family. No evidence exists to prove Emery Smith's allegations.

  3. Nothing was stolen from Emery Smith. Emery Smith was present during the entire time his ex-partner moved out, watching and discussing with her what she would take or leave at the house. In fact, half of the stuff being left at the house belonged to his ex-partner.

  4. Emery Smith didn't call the police. One call was made by the third party (below video). In fact, the family called the police for help once the situation seemed to escalate and for keeping Emery Smith and the third party involved out of the house because his intoxicated behavior was getting in the way of moving the ex-partner's stuff to the car.

Other sources claim Emery didn't even have Covid-19. I cannot comment on that because I haven't seen the reports. And "deadly" was only his alcohol poisoning which he got after going on a two weeks bender. It's simple math, in my opinion.

Two public snippets from the day Emery's ex-partner moved out exist to demonstrate how intoxicated he was that day. Again, I've seen all of it and that's why I want to clarify to everyone that Emery most likely suffers from a substance-induced psychosis. In other words, he lives in a different reality and memorizes events from an intoxicated standpoint. It happens if someone misuses alcohol and drugs for a longer period of time. Hence, he will always believe that what he tells you is the truth and nothing but the truth, when in fact, video footage and audio clearly demonstrate the opposite.

It still hurts me deeply to see Emery like this because I always supported, cared, and believed in him and his teachings and because it brings back memories of my own childhood I hoped to forget. What I'm seeing is not someone who had one too many. We've all been there and done that. What I'm seeing is an addict who is screaming for help. And there is plenty of public and private footage available, including witnesses, to confirm that for at least a period of 6 years Emery has been dealing with this problem.

Hence, I consider it my duty to make you aware of this situation because it affected me and others in our UFO community personally and professionally, and because I wish the family of Emery's ex-partner to finally find justice and peace for the mental, financial and public damages Emery's addiction and his lies have caused them over a period of at least 4 years. But also to support the ongoing investigations.

I won't ask you to share this statement. However, if you do, please be neutral and only use my statement as a little wake-up call for the community. There are certainly always two sides to a story. I've heard both and observed the situation since December 2019. That's why I'm coming forward.


I am not going to promote the channel POINTS ON THE CURVE for obvious legal reasons, however, if you're seeking the truth with an open mind, you might wanna begin there.

I'd also like to mention at this point that the ex-partner chooses not to involve herself at this time in relation to the exposure of Emery Smith as the information being released on the channel POINTS ON THE CURVE is being done so entirely without her involvement or consent. The ex-partner is currently rebuilding her life and is in the process of healing with the support of close loved ones. The videos being published on the channel Points On The Curve regarding this matter are being published entirely without her involvement or her consent or knowledge of the plan to do so, therefore she respectfully asks for it to not be a reflection of her and for the audience to understand that the information regarding her private life being published is very sensitive to her as she is still in the process of healing, so she asks for understanding at this time and will address questions specific to her at a later time if need be. She wishes everyone involved, including Emery Smith, healing on this journey of discovery.

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