by J. E. Kerry

While the world is in turmoil, I couldn't help but wonder about my RIFERATOR which I named in my book THE CHRONICLES OF QI after the American inventor and early exponent of high-magnification time-lapse cine-micrography, Royal Raymond Rife. In my story, this "Riferator" is able to cure any kind of disease / virus.

"So, it got me thinking, why aren't we curing Covid-19 with frequency?"

If 5G can make us sick, then the right frequency will lead to the destruction of any virus that inhabits us. Why not tune all 5G towers around the globe, or any cell site, to the right frequency and therefore cure all people at once by letting them leave their homes and simply stand close to one of the towers for a couple of minutes every day to start with the daily treatment of disabling Covid-19 inhabiting their bodies or even any virus at all? (Well, I guess we all know the answer to why this isn't an option and instead 5G is being used to increase the number of sick and dying people around the world, but I thought I should point that out and maybe the right person will read this article to get things rolling)

Our scientists have already found this magic frequency. We now know that for example cancer is vulnerable between the frequencies of 100,000 Hz and 300,000 Hz. This is because you have to have two input frequencies, one low, one high, and the higher frequency must be 11 times the lower. The "11th harmonic". So, when we add the 11th harmonic, we begin to shatter microorganisms like a crystal glass.

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." --- Nikola Tesla

Bottom line, if we take my research from article 1-3 (War of the Giants, The Engineered Virus, The Coronavirus Cure), we can basically add this big question of the 5G towers to our list of the U.N. Agenda 21 (2030) as a possible test to see whether the Kabal's idea of using these towers to control the outbreak of any virus, by switching it on and off whenever they feel fit for their further moves, could be reality.

A vaccine would act as a nano-biological trigger inside the bodies of the people that are willing to be controlled by a vaccination agenda as guinea pigs. The vaccine will then, in combination with the 5G towers, become a lethal weapon to keep people sick, all year long and kill them quietly because their papers won't say they died of Covid-19 but for example diabetes, a heart attack, high blood pressure or whatever the doctors will detect in the bodies to make sense of their deaths.

Of course, that's just my logical line of thought, based on my research and the Kabal's goal to eliminate 80% of the world's population by earliest 2030. After that, my gut tells me, they will finally release their free energy, flying cars, space ships and many more fringe technologies to the survivors that will from then on build the NEW WORLD ORDER, more or less unknowingly and absolutely excited about this "(false flag) DISCLOSURE".

"I call it the modern-day Nazi-Regime wrapped in the coat of a superhero."


The Riferator being used to fight the Progeria Pandemic

“The once so extremely rare autosomal dominant genetic disorder became a plague around 2300 A.D. when the OWO (Old World Order) and their human experiments went sideways, causing a global pandemic, killing millions of children through this rapid aging disease and almost erased the human species on Earth.

The Riferator, based on resonant light technology, was then developed by a group of young, alternative thinking scientists who were working on new solutions for cell-growth and reverse stimulation. They based their studies on the discredited beam ray device of American inventor and early exponent of the high-magnification time-lapse cine-micrography, Royal Raymond Rife. His original invention in the 1920s was reported to destroy pathogens through the vibration of a particular rate and devitalize disease organisms in living tissue. After his death in 1971, and despite the public scientific rejection involving a conspiracy of the American Medical Association (AMA), the Department of Public Health and others, his work was revived in 1987 with the book ‘The Cancer Cure That Worked’ by Barry Lynes. Following the publication was the classified production of more and more Rife devices as a subset of radionics devices, which were counted as pseudo-medicine by mainstream experts. The conspiracy against cancer, AIDS and various other diseases progressed until the early 23rd century, even after the first stone for the founding of the A-Nation in the 22nd century was set. This shows how deep the global conspiracy was running and how much it must have cost past generations to overcome this secret ruling until the extropian philosophy could manifest within everyone’s heart and soul. And at that point, the first spark for the A-Nation’s ACAM agency, the Advanced Complementary and Alternative Medicine Agency, was born, not knowing that it would soon become essential to the survival and reproduction of the human race on planet Earth.”

“Wow!” exclaims our young councilman, “so that’s what happened”. It is hard to tell if he is genuinely intrigued or just being sarcastic. His colleagues merely roll their eyes and shake their heads as they watch the HVRB feed.

In the progeria filled ward, the frequency therapy of the Riferator performs its magic by using low energy waves, also known as radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, to search for the electromagnetic frequency of the disease and then activate an impulse of the same to reverse the diseased cells into healthy ones.

The Riferator’s ring device spins around its egg-chair, creating an arch-like, electromagnetic cocoon around the chair and the patient, using the integrated surface-conductors to stabilize the energy grid and equilibrate the waves to lock the individual’s calibrated frequency.

“Ooooh,” A general exclamation of awe fills the entire room at the sight of the wonderful spectacle of science on display.

Next, to the Progeria girl, another egg opens, and a completely healed 10-year old boy steps out of the chair, relieved. He glances out the window and the view changes once again, dissolving into a Russian spacecraft launching a giant pyramid-shaped solar reflector into the Earth’s orbit."


The Riferator being used to reverse an induced alien cell-mutation virus:

“The remaining citizens suffer from a genetic mutation,” he continues. “Our scientists will use a higher dosage of the Riferator to find the right frequency and reverse the cell-mutation.”

THE ZAPPER (in fiction)

The Resonant Method

In my book THE CRONICLES OF QI I also briefly describe a scene during a medical examination in which the doctors use a GPR device with an integrated ZAPPER to cure anything in the bodies of their incoming new recruits to get them fit for training.

EXCERPT 3 from the CHRONICLES OF QI by J. E. Kerry

During their last week, Wang, Philipe and Jodie lie on hovering med-tables waiting for their health examination. As Wang observes the technology around him, he remembers clearly what General Ma said about their fourth week in training. “In the fourth week, the SPIONs injected into your bloodstream will allow us to holograph your body and detect any health issues.” That very moment, an automated medical machine extends its spider-arm across Wang’s body and inserts a needle into the vein of his arm, injecting his bloodstream with SPIONs (superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles) that illuminate his extremities on the holo-screen. This kind of nanoparticles were four centuries ago first used in vivo applications such as a contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), tumor therapy and cardiovascular disease. The SPIONs are usually coated with biocompatible materials and can be activated with drugs, proteins or plasmids while being targeted through external magnets. Two human scientists use an iPad-sized, translucent scanner with a very low frequency wave that receives back algorithms. They move it over Wang’s and Philipe’s body parts. “The low frequency GPR (ground-penetrating radar) allows to zoom into your body, all the way to the actual cell that might be damaged, and zap it to cure you from whatever disease or wound you might suffer from,” General Ma continues sounding in Wang’s memory. Light shades of red pulse over the holographic image of Philipe’s knee. The Scientist reviews the old injury while the device shoots low frequency back-scattered waves at it, regenerating and strengthening his bone marrow. Jodie watches Philipe from her peripheral vision and is instantly nervous when the projection of her holo-scan reveals a dark, red mark beneath her scapula on the back. It’s the same spot hurting Jodie since the time of the mountain drill. Her heart rate increases, and she inhales sharply as the scientist looks over the scan. He moves to Sniper at the side of the examination room and whispers something into his ear. The team leader’s expression hardens, and he crosses the floor to Jodie, “Looks like you’ve been carrying a serious virus with you for weeks. Why didn’t you report to me?” “I didn’t want to fall back,” Jodie says. “I needed to be strong, for the team.” “Strength is, to accept the warning signs of your body,” Sniper lectures his still naïve yet strong-willed recruit. “What you did, was reckless. In a life or death situation you would have jeopardized the safety of the entire team.” He bends over, and whispers in her ear, “You are one lucky red-head.” Jodie is struggling with the fact that Sniper referred to her by her hair color and not as ‘soldier’. She presses her lips embarrassed against each other, avoiding direct eye-contact with him who falls back into his initial position and continues with further instructions. “We will now repair the infected cells through A2M (Alpha 2 Macro Globulin) and block all inflammation. You should be ready to get back out there in a heartbeat.“

THE ZAPPER (in reality)


from the paper Thermodynamics aspects of a resonant method for detection and destruction of pathogens

by Marian Trela and Roman Kwidziński Gdańsk School of Higher Education, Poland Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

In 1988, Dr. H. Clark made a ground-breaking discovery. She passed modified current through a test plate containing selected pathogen. This current was produced in so called acoustic generator. It used pulsating direct current (PDC), positively polarized with voltage ranging from 1 to 9 volts. At a certain frequency current amplification took place, which was indicated by acoustic signal. This amplification was due to occurrence of electrical resonance. As it was discovered later, this resonance frequency was a characteristics feature of living as well as inanimate matter. In further studies, Dr. Clark demonstrated that pathogens were destroyed after prolonged exposure to resonant frequencies. These pathogens included viruses, worms, tapeworms, trematodes and others. In the study of Dr. Clark’s resonant method, pulsating and positively polarized pulsating current was produced in two devices: in the current generator and in the zapper.


The ZAPPER generates a polarized pulsating electric current with a voltage profile close to square and a frequency of 4 or 30 kHz, typically. Originally it was powered by a 9 V battery with a supply current of about 1 mA and a frequency of 30 kHz. Its operation is based on the principle known in electronics (resulting from the Fourier analysis) that the square voltage waveform contains, in addition to the fundamental frequency (here E3S W eb of Conferences 70, 0 (2018) HTRSE-2018 3015 2 30 kHz), harmonic frequencies (components) being odd multiples of this fundamental frequency. In the range from 30 to 450 kHz, where the frequencies of most bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are located, there are the following harmonic frequencies [4]: 30 kHz 90 kHz 150 kHz 210 kHz 270 kHz 330 kHz 390 kHz 450 kHz There are 60 kHz gaps between the harmonics in which Zapper does not work. This is a downside to working with Zapper, because certain pathogens are not reachable for it. An attempt was made to remedy this by adding the option of frequency adjustment within the range of 20– 50 kHz. This feature has not been accepted and currently programmable pulsating current generators are being used, in which a frequency sequence is created to destroy the previously detected pathogens.


The mechanisms of pathogen destruction by electric current are outlined. The main factors of pathogens destruction are: local increase of their temperature (causing damage of pathogen protein structures), polarization forces (inducing their oscillatory movements) and effects of heat supply (increasing a pressure inside pathogen), which cause the pathogen to break up into pieces. The first factor, related to temperature increase, is similar to pasteurization process. It is worth to know that the method discussed above is valid for specific pathogen either alive or dead. It may be also used for detection of toxins, that is inanimate matter.


Read more how the authors are using principles of thermodynamic and laws of electrical engineering to undertake an explanation of Dr. Clark’s method for detection and destruction of pathogens.



by J. E. Kerry



by J. E. Kerry



by J. E. Kerry


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