Updated: Nov 29, 2020

... what does that even mean?


by J. E. Kerry

First of all, apologies to my fans for going silent the past weeks, but I felt it was time to take a step back from Social Media, from work, tech around me, and simply spending most of my time in my over 100m², allotment garden (Schrebergarten), within one of these typical German garden colonies, re-connecting with Earth on a deeper level to re-build my self-sufficient safe-haven.

By doing so, I put myself into a meditative state while destroying and rebuilding the garden, which allowed me to reflect on the GREAT RESET on a more spiritual level and come to a conclusion. A conclusion, I wish to share with you in hope that you will do your own research and connect the dots.

Some of you, who have read my Covid-19 articles earlier this year, when everyone was still ignoring the reality of the virus, praising Bill Gates, the WHO and China, know already what the Agenda 21 (2030) behind this Great Reset is, the danger it poses, and what has been planned for us that is now unfolding right under our noses.

It's puzzling me that most people still don't want to connect the dots, even though they feel deep down that something just doesn't add up. I guess, that's why I'm writing this article, in hope that some of you might finally listen with an open and curious mind to prepare for the next blow, happening very soon.

The overall question we should keep in mind is:

Where do we go from here as a nation? Or, an Earth Nation.

I’d like you to bear with me during my lengthy article and do the same as I did: look at things from various perspectives by filtering facts to reach your own truth. Educate yourself, and most importanlty, prepare yourself for phase 2 and 3 of the pandemic, or as Bill Gates whistleblowed "Pandemic 2" aka "bioweapon attack" (we don't need him to tell us though, it's a done deal... just a matter of time).

To begin with on a neutral level, I suggest watching the following great motivational speech of Jordan Peterson who elegantly explains the power of the Taoist principle of Yin and Yang applied to politics, as well as the different types of human characters that exist, giving us a better understanding of the "why" it is important to listen and except another opinion but also to the "how" to show interest in other opinions in order to improve our own believe-system.

This article is more important than all others I wrote before because it is part of the preparation for the next booklet which I postponed since August on purpose due to the current political situation around the globe.

I want each one of you to understand that “words” are powerful. Hence, the timing of releasing a book or any article is crucial to the outcome of events that could potentially bring either good or harm to our society.

Even though “Qi: Politics Analysis” is only a booklet reflecting on the “Fourth Turning” that took place in my 2019 Sci-Fi novel THE CHRONICLES OF QI (Spacetime Warriors), it does explain a pattern that could potentially lead to conspiracy theories in our “fragile” reality. If you’ve read the novel, you probably noticed similarities to our current situation.

You might ask yourself now: “How did she know?”.

I hate math and numbers but one thing I’ve always been good at since school is vortex mathematics and estimating things based on patterns. Profiling people and events is something that has usually come easy to me, even though it can be tough if love, friendship or your own believe-system are involved.

So, what we’re looking at in this article with provided media footage to help you connect the dots are the following:

  1. The Great Reset by the World Economic Forum

  2. Why Hollywood belongs to the plan of Agenda 21

  3. Why Religion is not being mentioned during the Great Reset

  4. What Socialism, Communism and ANTIFA have to do with the Great Reset

Part II (coming out soon) will circle around the following questions:

  1. What is the difference between a Globalism and an Earth Nation?

  2. Is there maybe another, a hidden “natural” factor for the Great Reset? What does that mean for the coming decade and our health?

  3. What should we, as individuals, do to protect and prepare our family for the upcoming decade by taking care of our well-being?

Please keep in mind that there’s nothing we have to be afraid or scared of, except ignorance.

Ignorance, fear and distrust produce conspiracy theories and chaos. Knowledge, courage and trust create an open and civilized conversation to shape true democracy.

Hence, what we must do in order to be informed and take care of ourselves is to keep an eye on global events by rather watching live streams than edited news that usually cherry-pick footage and present a biased story.

You will most likely come to the same realization I did after you have finished this article:

The true devil lies in social and mainstream media.

We’ve given them too much power over our lives and decisions. Before their rise, we were able to communicate with each other peacefully and have different political opinions without the urge to insult one another and lose the human respect we were born with.

The best example we’ve been given lately is the presidential election in the United States of America. If you haven’t watched yet how Facebook’s and Twitter’s CEOs were grilled during the senate hearing, then please educate yourself on the facts that play an important role when it comes to Trump’s claims against social and mainstream media and their biased censorship.

In this live hearing Facebook Inc.’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter Inc.’s Jack Dorsey will be forced to defend themselves from accusations by Republican senators that their labeling of President Donald Trump’s social-media posts claiming voter fraud as false or misleading amounts to censorship of conservative content.

After having watched the great NETFLIX documentary THE SOCIAL DILEMMA, I decided for myself to take a big break from Facebook and Instagram and simply test if it would have any effect on my well-being, even though I have been using them mostly only for business purposes anyways. The relief I felt after my decision was immense. Social Media is a subconscious stress factor. That’s why it is so dangerous for our health and the future of our children.

What the NETFLIX documentary touches is the fact that in 2020, during an astonishing global pandemic, social media has become our lifeline to stay in touch with loved ones, as well as proving to be an asset for mobilizing civil rights protests. However, the system that connects us also invisibly controls us. The collective lack of understanding about how these platforms actually operate has led to hidden and often harmful consequences to society—consequences that are becoming more and more evident over time, and consequences that, the subjects in The Social Dilemma suggest, are an existential threat to humanity.


According to the World Economic Forum, the GREAT RESET is “a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery after Covid-19, offering insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons. Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being.”

The above is from the official website of the World Economic Forum. In a further link on their website you will read: “To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.”

I underlined "China" and "capitalism" in connection with the Great Reset because I'm not sure what they're smoking for breakfast at the WEF. I'm very cautious believing people who obviously either don't understand communism and don't wanna see what the CCP is doing to its people and the world, or just pretend to be stupid although knowing very well that they need China as their third pillar to initiate their globalist agenda. And for that, they are willing to commit the highest crimes on humanity and democracy.

However, I urge everyone to take a moment and watch the following panel of the World Economic Forum to hear first-hand what their agenda truly is and not draw conclusions but instead look at the problems and the opportunities pointed out from a neutral standpoint.

The initiative in itself is an honorable one, which I portrayed (predicted already in 2019) as well in the first sequel SPACETIME WARRIORS with the founding of the A-Nation Council and the goal to establish an Earth Nation that is based on an advanced extropian believe system (combining technology with nature) which also eradicates the corrupt corporations of old times.

In other words, what the Great Reset seeks is the transition from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism by focusing on the merging of the green economy and the digital economy.

In my Sci-Fi story, such a new reset has worked, but not straight away and not by plan. It took mankind until the year 2341 to fully remove the old system and move from a Type 0 to a Type 1 civilization on the Kardashev scale.

Before I continue with the concerns, please watch the following trailer and video to get all the facts of what has been said at the panel. Remember, this is first hand footage, not something edited by mainstream media.

Now, there are, however, justified concerns from the opposition if you are well versed in geopolitical events and the original Agenda 21 of the 1990s. The problem we’re facing is that most people have no deeper knowledge about history, geopolitics, the deep state and what’s going on outside of Earth.

The majority of mankind has become lazy in asking questions, doing their own research, and putting the puzzle pieces of reality and fiction together. That’s why those people are an easy target for socialist and communist propaganda, because they are too lazy to stand up against their government if there’s something they disagree on.

I’ve lived in communist China for more than a decade and I’ve witnessed a lot that is not spoken of in the foreign mainstream media because most of their people have offices in Beijing and therefore can’t release anything negative about the CCP or communism at all. Even I am limited to speak about many things because I’m still tied to my own film production company in China that is led by my Chinese business partner. So, by speaking out, I would immediately put him and his family in great danger. I used to make jokes about “Big Brother is watching you” but today that has become brutal reality in China, and even I became a victim of it.

In other words, yes, there should be concerns when we look at the bigger picture and especially if Joe Biden should truly become president of the United Stated because he will not put America first. Some people still don’t understand the symbolic meaning of his words and the impact his doing will have on the entire globe.

He doesn’t understand what Trump and the Republicans looked right through when it comes to socialism and communism and the importance of destroying the CCP in order to free China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the world from totalitarism.

However, if you have paid attention to my articles, you know by now that if Biden becomes president, the 3 pillars of the Elite (also known as the Kabal) will finally stand to push through their socialist globalist Agenda 21. The CCP will continue with its genocide on the Uighurs, Tibetans, Inner-Mongolians, the Hong Kongnese and most likely the Taiwanese as well, without the interference of the U.S. and the West.

If you don't know what socialism is, if you have never lived in a communist country like I did, I don't expect you to fully grasp the danger of the WEF's aim to reset capitalism. However, there's still time to educate yourself and listen to people who have fled a socialist or communist country to finally enjoy their freedom in a Western, capitalist country.

Listen to the following story of the famous North Korean defector Yeonmi Park who explains the danger of socialism and the importance of capitalism, because as she correctly stated, the beauty of capitalism is that freedom of speech and democracy can exist. In Socialism, however, capitalism is not allowed to exist. Hence, no freedom of speech and no democracy.

In the second video you'll watch best-selling author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza talk about the dangers of shifting into a socialist country, despite the many times it has failed in the past.

The danger of socialism is that it comes in various forms and mutates like a virus. Same as Covid-19. Once you get infected, it takes some time until the virus breaks out and your immune system is too weak to resist. The only chance to survive seems to get vaccinated. And who's got the vaccine in a socialist state? The government. Hence, the government controls your life.

Dinesh D'Souza's most important work so far is called THE TRUMP CARD. I highly recommend watching this documentary to fully grasp the danger of socialism and to look at facts from various perspectives in order to be fully awake for this next decade to happen.

The dot you will connect between what the WEF wants and what the US was warned of during the 80s by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov (more footage and explanations in the SOCIALIST GLOBALISM chapter below) will become clearer if you go back in time, when the world was in the thrall of American-style capitalism.

We should never forget that American-style capitalism vanquished communism, and it was also widening its lead over Japan Inc. and European-style socialism. America's companies were widely viewed as the most innovative and productive, its capital markets the most efficient, its labor markets the most flexible and meritocratic, its product markets the most open and competitive, its tax and regulatory regimes the most accommodating to economic growth.

The reason why America is struggling now, has nothing to do with failed capitalism, a virus or a financial crisis. Yuri Bezmenov explains in great detail how the communist strategy, which is always a long-term one, would in 15-20 years destroy the enemy (America). He predicted that in 1984 (!) and gave an impressive lecture that you should watch in the next chapters to truly understand what's at stake here.

When the WEF talks about the reset from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism, they don't mention one important thing: History and logic.

As FORBES magazine wrote in January 2020: "Stakeholder capitalism is not a new idea. It was launched by the 1932 management classic, The Modern Corporation, and Private Property by Adolf A. Berle and Gardiner C. Means. The idea was that public firms should have professional managers who would balance the claims of different stakeholders, taking into account public policy. For the next 40 years, it was the general approach of big business in the U.S.

When many big firms attempted to implement it over decades, the perpetual need throughout the organization to keep balancing conflicting claims among stakeholders led to mass confusion and what came to be known as "garbage can organizations". This in turn eventually provoked a resort to MSV, the very thing for which big business is now being assailed.

The fatal flaw in 20th Century stakeholder capitalism was that it offered unviable guidance on what is “true north” for a corporation. If big business attempts afresh to implement stakeholder capitalism, it seems likely to fail for this very reason."

I'd like to let you read a little further from Forbe's article because what it describes about this "management" situation reminds me quite frankly of my own time serving as a manager in communist China where I literally became a puppet of the system, not really participating actively as I was used to from shareholder capitalism in Europe: "As the critique of MSV came to dominate the political conversation in 2019, corporate leaders felt under threat and began grasping for alternatives to MSV. The notion that firms could be seen as “serving the needs of all the stakeholders” was seen as a safe haven.

What the original founders of stakeholder capitalism overlooked was that big firms are comprise coalitions of participants and groupings whose personal goals, attitudes and values often conflict. Goals and policies are constrained by past behavior, decisions, policies, values, attitudes, rivalries, and differing objectives of individuals and different divisions and subsets of the organization, as well as differing interpretations as to how long and how strongly any new goals and strategies may be retained. External forces like the stock market, the shareholders, regulators, politicians, and the press also bear down on the firm. Actual decisions are compromises among these different and often conflicting elements.

“Stakeholder capitalism” with its call to balance the claims of different stakeholders on a case-by-case base was an invitation to allow innumerable decisions in this morass of differing viewpoints, values, attitudes and ambitions, to be made by different people at different levels of the organization.

In the absence of clear prioritization among different stakeholders, the result was what management theorists called "garbage can organizations." These were organizations that couldn't make up their minds. Goals wandered in and out meetings and decisions happened randomly, depending on who was present. The organization often had no explicit preferences or guidelines. It frequently operated on the basis of inconsistent and ill-defined preferences, goals, and identities.

When the top management itself was unclear as to its priorities among the different stakeholders, then the risk of confusion increased exponentially.

Inside the corporation, in the absence of clear priorities among stakeholders, managers themselves could become unclear in their own minds which priorities they were or should be pursuing. One result was the Dilbert-style manager.

The skill set and the attitudes of the Dilbertian manager were identified in a famous Harvard Business Review article in 1977: Abraham Zaleznik’s “Managers and Leaders Are They Different?” The article has been republished a number of times by HBR.

First, the manager focuses attention on procedure and not on substance. The manager focuses attention on how the decisions are made, not what decisions to make. That’s because the manager is typically working in a setting where the goals of the organization are neither clear nor perceived as worthwhile. In the place of goals that provide meaning at work and in work, there is a hierarchical structure, precise role definitions, and elaborate rules and procedures, which often conflict: managers have no way of knowing what is the right answer. The only safe place is to focus on process.

Second, the manager communicates to subordinates indirectly by “signals”, rather than clearly stating a position. The traditional rule-driven bureaucracy requires both managers and workers to leave their personal views and attitudes behind in the entry lobby, before they enter the workplace. In this world, the managers’ personal views are irrelevant. The only safe way to communicate is to deploy indirect “signals”, which obscure who wins and who loses. The manager can hide behind process: “It is not what I believe that matters: It is what the system requires.”

Third, the manager plays for time. With conflicting rules and procedures, and conflicts about priorities between different senior managers, managers have no way of knowing what the right answer is. The idea of using their own judgment is at odds with the idea that they left their own views in the entrance lobby. Hence playing for time and waiting for the dust to settle are ways of always being on the winning side. These CYA routines are played out, up and down the hierarchy.

While these Dilbertian practices helped a middle manager to survive, and enabled Scott Adams to make a fortune by depicting in his syndicated cartoon how these practices play out on a daily basis in large organizations around the world, they also frustrated employees and customers.

The further result has been the misunderstanding and disparagement of management itself, with frequent calls for “leaders, not managers.” The problem, however, was not so much the managers, but rather the Dilbertian settings in which managers found themselves. When top management had failed to prioritize among competing stakeholders, how could managers and staff at lower levels accomplish that?"

Just for reference and to showcase how the opposition argues regarding the GREAT RESET, please watch the following and stay unbiased.

So, that’s the dark side we should not forget about because despite what the mainstream media says about Trump, he’s been an important figure in human history to showcase that it’s absolutely possible to stand up against the deep state and the globalists, and to fight back.

Again, we should also not forget that Trump is not a typical politician. He’s a businessman. So, one must wonder, why isn’t he on the side of the globalists? Why is he denouncing globalism? Which secret does he know?

I am glad one director in Hollywood picked up on that question and did a documentary which is going to be released in December 2020. So, you might wanna check that one out as well.

One sentence of Trump’s speech at the UN struck me because it does reflect some truth that I personally share and have experienced myself by growing up in Germany as someone without an identity due to the German Nazi history. It’s ridiculous if you think about it, especially because my parents are immigrants, but in the entire EU, Germany is the only country without an identity. We are not allowed to be proud of our own country, to hang out our own flag, or to even use certain vocabulary which could be associated with Nazi terms.

Some political parties are now seriously discussing "again" whether we should hang out German flags during football games or not. That's how far it has come. When I grew up, you were seeing most kids wearing Christian crosses around their necks. Since the refugee crisis, we, as Germans, have to "respect" the muslim cultures and that's why we should not wear crosses anymore or even offer the subject Religion as a class at school. I mean, for real? Haven't we endured enough? Now we have to bow to a culture that doesn't respect our own culture at all and only resides in our country to suck the money out of our system? If I and some others would write a book about what's really going on with these refugees, why they are not being deported, Merkel would be sent to prison. Trump looked right through this charade as did some other European presidents. It's a matter of time until the truth will be revealed.

So, this very disturbing circumstance always made me wonder, wherever I traveled and lived in other countries, admiring the patriotism and love for their own culture, why "I" wasn’t allowed to love and be proud of the country that offered my parents a new future and brought me one of the world’s best education?

Why do I always have to feel guilty for something I didn’t commit? Why do I have to be ashamed for being a German?

Instead, I had to learn to accept being called a Nazi by most Turks, Arabs other migrants and refugees (because I’m white and German, LOL) who literally invaded the country I grew up in and took/destroyed what we’ve built and what belonged to us.

The problem with these folks is that they don’t want to assimilate like my family and many other Russian, Polish and even some Turkish families back in the old days did, rebuilding Germany. They just want to “come and take” because “Germany is rich”. They neither care about patriotism nor a healthy nationalism. They don’t care about our German culture or history. They only care about money. In my eyes, such people are uneducated, dirty, pigs. Pardon my French. They have no respect and appreciation for the country they claim they want to live in. As someone who has been an expatriate for many years, this is just a no-go. It's despicable. Such refugees are the worst example for all assimilated immigrants in our country and in Europe.

Hence, even though I’m not an American, I’m not a Republican, I’m not a Trump fan, his words at the UN summit, however, resonate with me because I’ve learned from history, especially during my Latin and Ancient Greek language studies that included the translations of wise Roman and Greek texts of important battles and turning points of mankind, that patriotism and nationalism are the most essential human trait when it comes to establishing “true” democracy in the long-term:

“Looking around and all over this large, magnificent planet, the truth is plain to see. If you want freedom, take pride in your country. If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty. And if you want peace, love your nation. Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.

One very important turning point in German history comes to mind that I didn't learn about in my German history book, which was literally written by the Allies to make sure we are being fed the truth they wanted us to believe in, called the "Battle of the Teutoburg Forest" (Latin: Clades Variana).

I've translated this battle from Latin to German during my Latin studies and was first time excited to read how amazingly the ancient German tribes actually fought back, even though they weren't united back then. However, because of their common enemy, they came together as a nation to defend their territory and free themselves from the shackles of the Roman Empire.

Finally, this epos is also available on NETFLIX as of this year. Something, everyone should watch in order to truly understand how important patriotism and the fight for your own territory/country is.

Bonus: the spoken Latin in this German production is excellent. Not some Hollywood BS!


As a producer, director, and former actress, I basically grew up with the film industry that is now finding its turning point, heading towards censorship. Having lived in China for more than a decade and having dealt with censorship in the entertainment industry, believe me, I know it when I see the first signs of socialism and communism. You will read more on that matter in the next chapter.

Fact is that Covid-19 acts as a tool to “softly” accustom actors, producers and directors to the "new normal" that Russians, Chinese and North Koreans are all too familiar with. Romance and Erotic scenes in movies will either be left out completely or only allowed if the starring actors have gotten their shots before. Soon enough, the studios will eventually find themselves in the position to force vaccinations on their staff and only employ new staff and talents that have been vaccinated.

In other words, you don’t need the government to enforce widespread vaccinations. They are simply going to wait until the companies, studios and unions will do it for them.

Imagine a new entertainment world in which you can only work in if you have been vaccinated and joined the new health plan of the neo-socialist government that will control your well-being on a daily basis, making sure you get your shots.

Nobody will force you to do anything, but you will find yourself eventually either in front or behind the gates of the big studios.

If you decide against a vaccination, you’ll have to either keep struggling with independent films that will most likely be banned because they suggest that it’s ok to not be vaccinated and keep filming, or you’ll have to look for a job that does not require you to get vaccinated.

Well, that could only be a job from your Home office. You can become a YouTuber, an Online-Teacher or a Coach.

Bottom line, without a vaccination you will sooner or later lose your job because of “health reasons”, as they will tell you. You will become “the risk” to their project. You will be banned to work from home, and, socializing will become more and more difficult for you because you didn’t take your shot.

As for the content in movies itself, Hollywood already bowed to China’s censorship since many years. Hence, they are familiar with the so-called “list” that outlines the specific topics that are “sensitive” to the propaganda of the CCP.

Hollywood will experience the same on a softer basis but I’m sure especially dystopian and pandemic movies will be censored to suit the agenda of the CDC and the socialist government. We will experience movies that suggest us to take shots rather than to avoid them because if we do, we are going to end up like Zombies. We will see a stronger emphasis on why we should follow the suggestions of the CDC and the government and that we should not listen to conspiracy theories because those would mean the end of the world.

In other words, you don’t have to think on your own. Let the socialist globalist government do all thinking for you.

For now, in the German film industry for example, if a scene requires actors to be closer than 1.5 meters to each other for more than a minute, they will need to be quarantined. And everyone on set has to be regularly tested for COVID-19. In the industry, such measures are considered necessary to complete productions. An infection on set would definitely jeopardize the project, and perhaps even the production company.

However, such protective measures are also expensive. Film crews are to be divided into groups and tested across the board. The cast needs to remain quarantined together.

"We need to discuss financial compensation and the social security status for actors who have to be in quarantine during a shoot, who are not allowed to see their families and who cannot take on other jobs," says actor Hans-Werner Meyer, board member of BFFS, Germany's federal association of actors.

The additional work on set increases production costs, says Nico Hofmann: "Regularly taking everyone's temperature, logging contacts and strictly adhering to hygiene measures means that working hours have increased by up to 20% — and the cost of film shoots have gone up accordingly."

Beyond the actors, everyone in the film industry is affected, from casting to catering to CGI specialists: "Many projects are being pushed back and forth, and everyone is kept on hold," says Meyer. Instead of getting contracts, these freelancers are committed to projects through loose agreements — a common practice in the industry. While contract periods are paid, mere agreements aren't. "If someone blocks their schedule for a production, and it doesn't happen, then they don't get paid for this period — but there should be compensation for this loss," adds Meyer.

What happens if an actor belonging to the high-risk group becomes infected on the set and becomes so seriously ill that intensive treatment is necessary? At the moment, the age of the members of the cast does not make a big difference; no insurance covers the losses of a production that has to stop because of the virus.

In June 2020, more than 100 filmmakers signed an open letter to the German government calling for a default fund. Due to the lack of security, "every motion picture film becomes a ticking time bomb," says the letter sent to Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier and Federal Government Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Monika Grütters.


If you have ever written a script for the Chinese market, you know how much of your original ideas will be cut due to censorship. Even during writing, you already think about "the list" and try to find the best way possible to match the regulations.

Why is that? Because you need to save money. Your job as a screenwriter during Covid times is not only to write a story but also to think about the budget. Hence, you’ll think twice how many group scenes, kissing scenes or erotic scenes you’ll use to make this movie.

In other words, you will not be “free” anymore because you are being controlled by government regulations, pushing you into a socialist corner.

We will certainly see a lot of directors, producers, actors and writers protest against Covid-19 measures, but in the end, they will most likely give in and just take their shots to continue producing as usual. They will find themselves struggling with idealism and reality.

Wrapping it up, Hollywood prepared us in collaboration with the private sector for Agenda 21 since the last century. Take the below walk to remember ....


As a born catholic who actually has been to Rome and got the one-time chance of meeting the pope (Pope Johannes Paul II.), I am all too familiar with not only the bible but also the Koran, as well as Buddhist and Hinduist scriptures that I’ve studied as a teenager while being on the search for spirituality.

I don’t support the church anymore and therefore don’t pay any taxes (just for the record). I never quite believed in the church as an institution anyways. However, I do believe in a Christ-being, reincarnated many times here on Earth, especially in form of Siddhartha Gautama.

On the other hand, I also believe in the “gods”. It doesn’t really matter whether we call them pagan, Greek, Chinese or Hinduist gods. They are all the same but of different names. They are connected to nature. In other words, I “only” worship the elements of nature.

Now, knowing the bible and having listened to a couple of priests on Youtube marking the pandemic as "Armageddon" (the end of times), I must disappoint them because we are still far away from the end of times. Any psychic or remote viewer (like me) will confirm that.

There are certainly parallels that can be drawn to text passages but I could easily connect them to any other “Fourth Turning” event of past times in which the system was reinvented and society went through a war, pandemic or a financial crisis. You’ll read more about it in my booklet “Qi: Politics Analysis”.

What you will hear a lot these days is that "diversity in sexuality" is the new religion, aka the antichrist. Well, literally, it is, because you go against all values mentioned in the bible. However, personally, I don't quite agree with this agressive persception for various reasons. I do acknowlegde though, as I will explain in the next chapter, that this new religion is part of the agenda behind the agenda.

Hence, the focus shouldn't be on gender issues. It's a planted distraction to create chaos. You can be homo, bi, a, trans or whatever you want without the need to make such a fuss about it. Look at Thailand. You can be a ladyboy (in Thai: Kathoey) and be accepted and valued in society without demonstrations and the constant attention to fight for your rights. Don't let "them" turn you into a political instrument!

If you don’t know what I mean with doomsday/armageddon messages, please watch the following pastor talking about his own opinion of the Great Reset. It is necessary to watch and acknowledge the other opinion on things, even though it might be emotional and not factual at times.

You can only learn to reach your own truth by fact-checking both sides and developing a wider view/understanding of the main issues we're dealing with in order to protect yourself and prepare your family for the peak of the crisis.

Growing up in a catholic household, my dad, nevertheless, always warned me that

politics and religion will be the downfall for humanity.

That’s why he advised me to neither speak about politics nor religion at the table at all, because they are the cause for any kind of separation and disharmony between people.

Having lived in China for more than a decade, I experienced that religion is not perceived as the religion ideology we follow in the West. Buddhism and Taoism are more or less a way of living and belong to the Chinese culture. You can be a communist, but you can also go to a temple and pray for your family and take part in the annual Buddhist and Taoist rituals to secure your health, wealth and your love life.

There are Catholic churches in China. Actually, there were a lot before President Xi Jinping came to power. Today, however, most of them are destroyed. Any connection to a Western dogma must be destroyed, according to the CCP’s new 2050 agenda.

The catholic church is the antichrist to them. It does make sense, if you think about it by looking at the Vatican and history’s past. It’s not that the CCP is against Christianity per se. They are simply against the church as an institution that propagates a Western believe system that does not share communist values.

It doesn’t really make sense, however, because Buddhism and Taoism don’t propagate communism either. But as said, because they belong to the traditional Chinese culture, they are being accepted.

FACT: You will never experience any Chinese talking about neither religion nor politics around the table. These two topics are a taboo in Chinese communist culture. So, my dad was right. Subconsciously, he prepared me for my journey to China.

Let me give you a hint regarding the religion issue after the Great Reset before you dive into the next chapter.

Religion isn't mentioned by the World Economic Forum in connection with the Great Reset because it's the only “constant” that stands in the way of socialism.

And with religion, I mean the church. The church has always been powerful, even before politics and capitalism were born.

No matter whether we talk about temples, churches, mosques, synagogues, or ritual places, they all have one thing in common: one almighty god.

You might ask yourself, why is an almighty god so dangerous? Because he stands above everything in this universe. He’s the true ruler over our lives and all life in existence. At least, that is what people were raised to believe in.

Believe and faith are powerful human motivators to fight wars and to fight for our rights. For our freedom. For our lives.

Now, imagine you would eliminate religion once and for all. People will go mad. They will feel lost, commit suicide, become criminals and so on. The only way to catch them is therefore through a system that will “take good care of them” and treat them “equally”, just as a god would do - and there you have your socialist antichrist (!).

If you are able to erase the dogma of an almighty god, you will finally become one yourself and rule over your citizens. Their believe and faith will belong to you and the social system, not to a supernatural entity. You will to 100% control them.

But what about spirituality? Spirituality doesn’t pose a threat, as I’ve mentioned earlier with Buddhist or Taoist temples and rituals. As long as there doesn’t exist an “almighty” entity like god, you can practice your faith, even in a communist country like China.

In Chinese culture there exist many gods but each one of them has been human before and only advanced to a god after spiritual practices, aka “cultivating and transforming one’s soul”. Best example is the story of the 8 Immortals. None of these gods is mentioned as an “almighty” one. Each one of them holds a specific attribute that you can pray to and that connects you to nature and the universe. It’s really not much different from pagan gods.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind eliminating the corrupt part of the church and the Vatican. It’s one of the reasons why I stepped out of the Church many years ago. I simply don’t see why I should pay taxes to an institution and a pope who protects serial predators and even makes one of them his trusted counselor. After all, if you believe in an almighty god or Christ, you’ll find him in your heart and soul, not in a church (my opinion).

The next chapter you might get a little closer in understanding why the elimination of religion is the key to the KGB’s agenda that has been planted many decades ago to finally come to fruition during the Fourth Turning that we are experiencing now, in order to install socialism and communism around the globe as “the new world order”. Or as I call it “Socialist Globalism”.

One name in all of this should be kept in mind: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. He is a key element in the dismantlement of the so-called Vatican II, the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican, which addresses the relations between the Catholic Church and the modern world.

According to Viganò, there exists a false Church within the Catholic Church alongside what he considers to be the true Church.

Again, this is no big news or some conspiracy theory. It’s a fact that has been proven in the past, mostly unreported by the mainstream media for various reasons, obviously.

Why you should pay attention to the archbishop is because he’s not just some archbishop. He’s a whistleblower who has worked at the Vatican and therefore does have firsthand knowledge of what is really going on behind closed doors.

If such a religious personality suddenly begins talking about “The New World Order”, we should listen to his message and connect the dots on a geopolitical level.

According to Wikipedia, Viganò remains a fierce critic of Pope Francis. In June 2019, he said in a long exchange with The Washington Post that Francis was a blatant liar, and in July 2020 he accused Francis of following the 'homosexual agenda of the New World Order'. You will understand more about why gender-politics is regarded as an agenda of the NWO in the next chapter while watching KGB defector Yuri Bezemov's lecture.

In October 2020, Viganò was critical of Francis's encyclical Fratelli Tutti, objecting to the Pope's silence on abortion.

In May 2020, Viganò led an appeal criticizing restrictions that were enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic as being instituted for the purpose of "creating panic among the world's population with the sole aim of permanently imposing unacceptable forms of restriction on freedoms." It singles out the use of contact tracing devices as well as mandatory vaccinations as infringements on people's rights and cites "growing doubts ... about the actual contagiousness, danger, and resistance of the virus." In addition to Viganò, purported signatories included cardinals Robert Sarah, Gerhard Ludwig Müller, and Joseph Zen, Bishop Joseph Strickland, and numerous other clergy as well as journalists. Sarah later said that, although he agreed with some of the views expressed in the letter, he did not sign it and asked to have his name withdrawn. Viganò insisted that he did sign it but agreed to remove his name.

On 7 June, Viganò released a 3-page open letter to President Donald Trump describing the pandemic and the George Floyd protests (which he describes as "riots") that were associated with Black Lives Matter as a Biblical struggle between "the children of light and the children of darkness." He argues that the children of darkness are the "Invisible Enemy of all humanity."

Moreover, Viganò argues that riots are orchestrated by the children of darkness to serve the "purposes of those who would like to see someone elected in the upcoming presidential elections who embodies the goals of the deep state." Viganò goes on to denounce Catholic bishops who expressed support for the protests, saying that they were "subservient to the deep state, to globalism, to aligned thought, to the New World Order which they invoke ever more frequently in the name of a 'universal brotherhood' which has nothing Christian about it, but which evokes the Masonic ideals of those who want to dominate the world by driving God out of the courts, out of schools, out of families, and perhaps even out of churches." The letter gained additional attention when President Trump tweeted a link to it, writing: "So honored by Archbishop Viganò's incredible letter to me. I hope everyone, religious or not, reads it!"

In response to the letter and other statements, many Catholic leaders further distanced themselves from Viganò and his remarks, which the Catholic News Agency described as "apocalyptic claims about a looming spiritual battle and a globalist conspiracy pursuing a one-world government."

In October 2020, Viganò wrote another letter to Donald Trump which describes a "Great Reset" and its initial stages. He said that its purposes were dictatorship, the death of liberty, and promises of personal wealth.

I admit, it’s a lot to digest, and it literally seems to be cut out of a Dan Brown novel.

However, with the knowledge of the Agenda 21 and everything we've experienced since January 2020, it wouldn’t be wise to ridicule his accusations just yet, but rather keep them in mind, do our due diligence, and observe the next 12 months with caution. That’s my personal take from this and my advice to all the readers.

Please find below Archbishop Vigano's personal speech about the Great Reset and the NWO to the public.


Where to begin with this chapter ....

It’s the key to understanding and putting all puzzle pieces together. Reality is: Yes, we were lied to. Yes, everything was planned. Yes, it will get worse. However, just to be clear, not every politician or public figure being involved in the Great Reset today has something to do with the founding of the overall agenda.

We have to be fair at this point because not all politicians are smart enough (probably that’s why they were given their position) and very familiar with socialist and communist strategies. That’s why you can show them evidence as much as you want but they simply won’t believe you. They are already too deep in the web.

In other words, if you would give a Millennial or a Generation Z individual like Greta Thunberg the video of the panel from the Great Reset, those kids and teens will most likely be dully excited and take "their" side because the new generation doesn’t know history, they are too young to understand militaristic tactics and geopolitical strategies. They are not well versed in political language, especially if they haven’t finished high school and started college yet.

What a "coincidence" that Covid-19 made sure they are even getting dumber.

Hence, as I mentioned in my Covid-19 articles earlier this year, it’s no wonder that this generation will become the focus of manipulation. They will feel relieved to be taken care of the great socialist octopus. Even worse, if you are to grow up in this new system, you will not know better. You haven't experienced anything else before. Hence, you accept what you are given and don’t question or resist. I've seen this happen in China after the Tiananmen Massacre. My Xennial generation in today's China are "numb", non-resistant and as we say in German "Kuscher". They know about the CCP's Mafia agenda, they see the genocide being commited on the Uighurs and other minorities of their own country but they don't act. They simply haven't been raised as "democracts" or "free thinkers". They've been raised as "rats". Remember the famous German story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin? Well, that's the CCP.

Greta Thunberg therefore isn’t the savior everyone is believing. She is a marionette, a tool of the NWO and the WEF. I do hope she’ll realize that herself one day and maybe someone will finally leak to her that the technologies to end global warming or any kind of small ice age, already exist since at least two to three decades here on Earth, not Mars. Of course, those will only be released once the Great Reset is in full swing and we have reached 2030.

And that’s the only reason why fringe technologies haven’t been released by now at all. The old system firstly needs to be destroyed before the saviors of the new system will use these technologies to justify their socialist globalism as the ultimate system to bring peace, equality and restore nature. Nobody would ever question their true intentions because they’ve saved the world from destruction.

If you have watched the WEF panel at the beginning of this lengthy article, you know by now what “Education 4.0” according to the WEF means. It means "changing the content of education, so it is much more relevant for the 21st century economy, and changing the delivery method, meaning to combine in-person and digital schooling".

Now, that doesn’t sound threatening at all if we would live in a sane world. But as a German, I know what this socialist language means and what’s gonna happen to all kinds of the original educational books that will be shredded and “adjusted” in digital form. I lived and still live this nightmare in Germany because even now, after almost 80 years, we are not to question the true story behind the Holocaust or anything written by the Allies about Hitler or WWII at all. They even left out that the Germans built the first man-made UFOs and that most of them fled to South America before the turn of events. "Neuschwabenland"? Obviously a Fata Morgana. Never existed according to school history books.

I challenge you to go on the street in Germany and ask someone if he knows about the Haunebu I - IV or the Bell, or that Hitler didn’t die in Berlin but in South America. They will look at you and think you don’t have all bells in the house and accuse you of being a Nazi yourself.

Go on the German Wikipedia and read what they explain about the Nazi “Reichsflugscheibe” (UFO). They honestly write it’s “fictive” as in “non-existent”, Sci-Fi. They even go further to write that historically and “technically” no evidence exists. Excuse me?!!! I went to the German Bundesarchive myself and saw old newspaper pieces with pictures of the first man-made UFOs and even two books displaying construction plans. So, just to give you a taste what we can await in the future under the socialist globalist regime: the complete obliteration of true history.

Bottom line, what the Allies did to Germany is going to happen to the world. We will be forced to lose our sense for patriotism, nationalism, and religion. Furthermore, the sense for truth and reality.

The next generation of kids will be raised with what we call “Kollektivschuld” (collective guild) in German. They will be taught that their ancestors almost destroyed the world, that they were greedy, corrupt and rotten people who fought wars against each other, committed genocide on minorities and many more. Literally everything that happened in the past will be painted as stupidity, as uneducated, as brutal, so that the mere questioning of events will lead to public shaming.

The truth, aka details, will not matter anymore. All what will matter is that socialist globalism saved the world. They will of course leave out that the pandemic was planned, the virus was created in a lab, and the Great Reset was a strategy to force the new world order on humanity.

Just to prove to you that the word GREAT RESET didn’t just appear a couple of weeks or months ago, please watch the following video uploaded already in December 2019 when the pandemic was about to reach Europe. The Financial Times were already talking back then about to reset capitalism in 2020.

There are an awful lot coincidences if you ask me, and I describe them in more detail in my Covid-19 articles, to say that all of this, Event 201, the pandemic, the lockdowns, the vaccine agenda, the Great Reset propaganda, have absolutely nothing to do with Agenda 21 and the 3 pillars of the NWO.

To give you another example from Germany. This week the government updated the so-called IfSG (infection protection act) in a “blitz”, basically without discussing more about the concerns the opposition brought to the table, because even though the new law doesn’t necessarily pose any threat to human rights at the moment, it does carry gaps that need to be filled with detailed paragraphs to make sure no misunderstandings arise.

The reason I’m even mentioning this is because it’s very unusual for the German government to "rush" a law in such very suspicious way that it does make you wonder whether Bill Gates’ hint of Pandemic 2 will become true in around Spring 2021.

The word I’m looking for here is “Finisher”. In order to fully switch the system, the NWO would need a finisher to completely destroy the middle-class and create a three-level pyramid with the socialist globalist head on top, the bureaucrats in the middle and the rest (former middle-class, workers etc.) on the bottom.

In other words, by eliminating capitalism, or resetting it as they say, all debt will be gone because the octopus will take care of it. Everyone will become equal. Everyone will get paid the same.

In reality, for a "real" reset to happen, you would either have to eliminate capitalism completely and introduce a social-points-system (as I did in my novel The Chronicles of Qi) or there exists neither money nor any social-points-system at all. Everyone is free, there is no government and no social system.

My point is, we’re just at the beginning of 10 very challenging years ahead of us. This year was only a preparation for the next pandemic or bio-attack to “finish” the system.

It’s more important than ever to show interest in politics these days and avoid mainstream media, social media and instead watch and support independent journalists and news channels until they will be banned or shut down by the new system because of censorship. We see first signs with Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube. As mentioned, and showcased in the beginning, censorship in the West is real.

Now, let me introduce you to KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, a man who educated Americans and Canadians back in the 80s about the Fourth Turning, the Great Reset and the socialist/communist agenda behind it.

I urge you to watch both videos very carefully and keep every single detail in mind to connect the dots with the past two decades. By knowing the strategies of the socialists, you will always be able to look right through national- and geopolitics.

Also, buy the book “The Art of War” by Sunzi. I read this book in my early teenage years. It’s mandatory literature in China and Russia. You will hear Yuri Bezmenov talk about it as well. I am teaching Sunzi’s philosophy in combination with martial arts in my Sci-Fi novel The Chronicles of Qi. So, you might wanna check that one out, too.

I hope you have watched the above videos and made your notes to reflect on our today’s reality and the fact that

socialism and communism rule the world behind the shadows of democracy.

If you did, please, just as reference, because you will hear the Republicans in the U.S. always mention an “Orwellian State” under socialist Biden, watch the following video that explains what is meant by this terminology and for which signs you should look out for.

Another important player in this chess game against humanity is ANTIFA. I thought I would never hear this name again until this year’s riots brought back memories of my teenage years. It was more than 2 decades ago that Antifa rose in Germany once again and many of us teenagers suddenly found themselves demonstrating on the streets, skipping school, boycotting classes, and seemingly becoming more violent than usual because as a teenager you thought of course that violence against Neo-Nazis is legitimized even though they were non-violently demonstrating for their own believes, which isn’t a crime under democratic law in Germany.

Wherever there was a demonstration, you would see ANTIFA in their punk outfits, their Springer boots, and their “A” for anarchy flags. We even had three of them in our class. Weirdest thing, however, they were A-grad students. And especially because of that, because they were popular, they influenced the entire class with their propaganda that by the end of 8th grade, our believe-system completely switched from democratic to radical left.

I'm telling you this story to demonstrate how easy it can become to turn into a "hack", a non- committed person who simply follows the mass, even though you don't stand behind violence or any radical action against the police and other authorities.

Back in the days, I only went to two demonstrations that weren't even organized by ANTIFA but of course they were there, as always, spraying on public buildings, screaming against the police, demolishing private property.

As a 13-year old, I started to wonder where these demonstrations would actually lead at the end of the day if violence was involved. ANTIFA demonstrations had nothing to do with “real” demonstrations where hundreds of citizens march through the city peacefully or at least with an organized agenda to push the government to finally open the borders and let the wall down, for example. ANTIFA demonstrations on the other hand were acts of terrorism against a government that was legally elected by the people.

The year I stepped out of this “cult”, social democrats saw their opportunity to use ANTIFA for their own left-wing propaganda against the conservative, Christian right-wing which prevailed in Germany until this very day.

Watch the following inspiring RT documentary about the American Boogaloo Boys and ANTIFA to educate yourself about who they are, what they stand for, and how they see the future to unfold. The video is age-restricted because it shows violent/disturbing scenes that the mainstream media usually avoids to release.

For everyone who doesn’t know the history of ANTIFA, it was founded in Germany 1932 and carried out by socialists and communists alike. The two flags in the Logo therefore represent Socialism (SPD) and Communism (KPD). It’s actually ridiculous if you think about it because the communists hated the socialists and vise versa. However, they had a common enemy, capitalism and the Nazis (although they've fought with the Nazis side by side in the very beginning...another story).

So, that’s basically the only reason, in my opinion, why ANTIFA hasn’t been forbidden in Germany just yet because they’ve fought several times against Neo-Nazis to “protect Germany from the rise of the right-wing extremists” and they’ve become the tool of the SPD to stir up chaos whenever needed for their own political agenda against more conservative oriented parties in the Bundestag.

As mentioned, ANTIFA in its roots, is socialist and communist, hence, against capitalism of any kind. Now, you might wanna connect the dots yourself if you have read and watched the footage above. Even if they are fighting on Biden's side at the moment, they gonna hit him hard in the end because he's not anti-faschist enough for them.

You can turn and twist the situation with the Global Reset as you like. You will always end up with a socialist globalist agenda that works hand in hand with the communists of China and Russia: the three pillars of the NWO.

Let’s go a step further and assume Biden wins the election. If so, you might have to prepare living in a socialist economy. If you agree with socialism or communism, then good for you, but the majority of "true" democrats will most likely revolt. Hence, chaos will emerge that can only be settled by a bio-weapon attack. With a second pandemic hitting the world even harder, the globalists can make sure that they will provide the vaccination (most likely provided by Bill Gates and Co.) to cure the people and finish the old system off in order to fully start with the new system under their control.

Most people will not even know what’s happening in front of their eyes and under their noses because they’ll be thankful for a vaccine and that they’re still alive to get a job, so, they can feed their family.

If Trump wins, civil war in the US will break lose. This gives ANTIFA and all other extremist organizations the chance to have their French Revolution and basically initiate the beginning of a military state because Trump won’t let them proceed and destroy America from within. He will also make sure to destroy the CCP and most likely plan an attack from the South China Sea, together with Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and India.

Either way, the US is screwed. But don’t worry. You haven’t heard yet what leaked from Canada in October and has so far become true. At first, I didn’t want to believe it either but after some research and also analyzing Canada’s president Trudeau’s past public announcements regarding the Great Reset, I’m more than sure that the following whistleblower message is legit and holds some truth to it.

Interesting is the mention of the Universal Basic Income Program, because that’s something Germany has been talking about the past years as well. We’ve been always kinda wondering though when it will finally be enacted and how? I guess we’ll get our answer next year.


Ending this article, I would like to recommend you a fascinating Zeitgeist Sci-Fi movie called InterReflections. It's an experimental, mixed genre narrative feature film by Peter Joseph, adapted from his book The New Human Rights Movement.

InterReflections is the first of a trilogy series about a fictional global revolution. Taking place in three time frames, the through-line is connected by the story of Concordia - a hacktivist origination comprised of high-ranking military defectors from around the world. They seek to stop further destabilization of the world in the mid 21st century by strategically shifting technological focus from “weaponry” to “livingry”. Over the course of the three films, the audience will be taken on a journey of global (and intellectual) transformation, while highlighting the real world social potentials (and problems) we have or are on pace to having as time unfolds.

Watch the whole movie HERE

To continue support for this project, you may contribute to the existing IndieGogo campaign here:

You can also get the book the film trilogy’s social theory is based upon:

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