From Super Soldier to Holistic Health & Wellness

First and foremost, I would like to thank Kyleigha and Erai Beckmann of Conscious Vitality who helped publish my Spring articles about Covid-19 on their platform and therefore also brought more attention to certain geopolitical facts that play an important role in this seemingly never-ending chess-game we're all part of.

Second, thank you Anthony Zender and all other Super Soldier whistle-blowers for coming forward. You guys helped me this year to understand my own book and feature film I've channeled the past 5 years in more depth. The term "Super Soldier" wasn't even on my radar until I've watched Anthony Zender on Conscious Vitality and realized many synchronicities with my book but also my own life on various levels.

And even though my high budget international movie production "Qi: Spacetime Warriors", featuring famous attached cast such as well-known Hollywood actor Henry Ian Cusick (Lost, The 100, Maverick), Hong Kong Young Star Wesley Wong (Pacific Rim: Uprising, L.A. Rush) and German Young Star Francois Goeske (French for Beginners, Blutige Anfänger, Armans Secret), couldn't go into production this year due to Covid-19, the first sequel of my Super Soldier book series on the other hand luckily still exists on Amazon, waiting for the awakened mind to be picked up, read and shared.

I do carry my own secret story with me, because I'm still trying to figure out timelines and events, making sure I'm not just imagining things (after all, I'm German, so I'd like to be 200% certain of everything), putting together the puzzle pieces that were placed into my life and started decades before I was actually born. Therefore, I absolutely resonate with what is being disclosed about the super soldier programs of last century, time traveling, human experiments and more. I was born during the Cold War in Berlin, the spy city no. 1 in the world. Why my family chose this city and didn't emigrate with the rest of our Polish folks to the UK is part of a longer story of events that lead back to WWII and the Breakaway Civilization.

Let's just say this, when I was about 16 years old, I wrote on my first film script which I called "THE SLEEPERS", as in "sleeper soldiers". Even 20 years ago, I seemed to know exactly about how "special" soldiers would or should be trained, what their purpose was and how to use them in the field. With 16, you're usually interested in getting your first boyfriend or kissing your own vomit totally wasted in the backyard of your friend's party. Well, not me. The only thing I knew and grew up with was iron discipline through ballet and martial arts. Being the BEST was the motto at home. Being the second was out of question and therefore answered with physical and mental punishment by my dad. It might seem brutal to someone who grew up in a "normal" household but back in the days, and especially when you had a Polish or Russian background, you got beaten up to toughen up in order to learn to leave your body during the punishment, becoming literally invincible. And I did, once I figured out my back-stored switches. Soon enough, the beating stopped. Lesson learned. Or as my dad said back then: "You're ready now."

I didn't understand many things happening back then but I do understand today. Some things were manipulated and planted in my life to ensure the right environment for me to grow up and evolve in, and some things I attracted on my own once I realized how to use my mental power, tap into various dimensions, and simply channel Alters, and therefore pave my own way to become the self-awakened being I am today. Hence, I could call my childhood and teenage years a "bittersweet symphony". I had to walk through hell before I would be ready for the light and finally begin to remember.

Especially "Déjà-vus", or as I call them "Loops" or "Glitches", happened to me all the time. But not in our 3D realm, they only appear during my lucid dream state. Since one year though, they're returning every single night. It's hard to put in words, and it's more like a feeling you get in your dream saying: "I remember." Meaning, you remember an element in your dream repeating. This can be something somebody does or you say, or even a place you've been before. You don't really think deeper about that Loop in your dream, you simply realize this is a replay and continue dreaming.

The "Super Soldier" story of my book is surrounded by important geopolitical, scientific and technological elements that show a society after the "Full Disclosure", also known to us as THE FOURTH TURNING of our present century and the world finally having come together as an EARTH NATION. The focus in this first sequel lies especially on the so-called New Asia Plateau and mainland China as a non-totalitarian country of mixed-race people who live in the world's largest futuristic dome-shaped city, the A-Nation Central Dome City.

The hero of this story is an orphaned Chinese monk, Wang Long Sheng, who returns from the sacred Taoist mountains to this central dome city after having been recruited by his childhood friend who now works for a secret super soldier program that is looking to set up a very skilled and uniquely gifted SPACETIME WARRIOR unit to go back in time and find out more about the sudden arrival of the humanoid alien Lyr-ans and their colonization on Earth that leads back to a deal they've made centuries ago during the time of the "Old World Order".

​The story also teaches the reader in depth about the meaning of "Qi" (the universal energy, power, force) and the Taoist ideology and philosophy of the creation and transformation of all things in existence.

You must go through the book at least twice to fully grasp which role "Qi" plays on multiple levels that will reveal to you the secret of how higher civilizations use "Qi" in order to create and destroy, and yet re-create, following the Tao of life and death.

There are many things to be revealed in my upcoming second book, surrounding the mysteries about the VRIL Society, the Breakaway Civilization, the life and technology at Agartha (Inner Earth), the time-portals of the Untersberg, and the tunnel cities of Nazi Germany.

As you will notice, my book links the future with the past, always leading back to what I call the starting point of time-travel itself, WWII.

Back in 2011/2012 I wrote on my first historical feature film script "Whisper - Between the shades of time" which "naturally" also wasn't able to make it into production due to the disclosing content that would elevate the VRIL Society and the highly advanced technology of the Nazis and put the rewritten German history and the agenda of the Allies into question. Certain intelligence agencies wouldn't have been happy. Nor the Jewish community. Therefore, I only got the chance to shoot a short Mood trailer with some of the actors that were supposed to play the lead roles.

What most insiders, who believe in a full disclosure, still don't understand is that you can only achieve this goal if all totalitarian regimes of Earth will be eliminated. The most important among them is the CCP. As someone who lived in China for more than a decade, I can only urge the West to invade and take over the country, same as we experienced it before in Germany. There is no way a "real" peace treaty can be made. I mean, look at Hong Kong. Whoever thinks this is gonna work, doesn't understand the head of the dragon and certainly has no idea how the CCP is organized, what their agenda is, and how less they actually even care about their own people, flooding them and letting them starve to death, so the upper class can live.

Forget about the stories of reptilians and child-trafficking for a second. The real genocide being committed is in Xinjiang, China. That's something we can grab because it comes with 100% proof of organ harvesting, detention and labor camps, human experiments and more. And, it needs to be fixed immediately because people are being tortured since three decades already, on a daily basis, reviving the brutal forces of Nazi camps. If you don't know what I'm talking about, follow this link and educate yourself on YouTube:

People need too keep in mind that secrecy is necessary, not because we're not illuminated. It's because of politics and religion. These two are the cause of all evil that plagued the evolution of mankind since we can recall history. We already knew how to use the elements and Qi during the medieval ages. We knew how to thought-create, teleport and use telepathy for communication. Meaning, in order to get to the point of disclosing everything to everyone still alive, you have to firstly get rid of various sections of society that would eventually build a rebellious front against the united and newly formed EARTH NATION. Read my book, and you will understand in depth when the "Rebels" appear.

That's also why I'm talking in my articles about AGENDA 21 (2030) and the FOURTH TURNING. We've been here before. History always repeats itself. That's why you must understand the universe of the Tao and the power of Qi.

Also, stay tuned for my second booklet of the Qi series, called "POLITICS ANALYSIS". This booklet goes deeper into the elements of the future political system in a post-apocalyptic world of tomorrow, mentioned in my first sequel, explaining and analyzing the aspects that could already be applied in our present, questioning also the global political system of today and the measures that would need to be taken in order to create a new world order.


Another aspect playing a very important role the coming 10-11 years is the physical and mental preparation to survive the next decades on Earth and in Space.

Don't forget, we are at the beginning of a little ice-age, which means a decrease in sun activity and therefore an increase in cosmic rays hitting the earth. Staying inside or rather underground, is therefore highly recommended in order for your DNA to not be affected dramatically and you catching various cancerous diseases. Avoid the sun as much as you can! A maximum of 5 minutes of direct sun exposure is more than enough.

I would have to write another article only about this very important topic to have you guys prepare yourself and your family for the shift that is happening while most people are still sleeping.

Mastering the 8 pillars of holistic health and wellness is therefore paramount for our existence in an advanced society of tomorrow!

As an Indigo child, I grew up as a highly skilled language, philosophy, and technology connoisseur, artist, dancer, martial artist, Taoist and Yogi while giving weekly classes at the Martial Arts and Yoga school of my parents since the age of 13, adding a black belt (received at same age) and two world champion titles in Kobudo to my curriculum.

​More than a decade ago, I moved from Germany to China where I intensified my long-term training but also opened my own film production company and supported various state-owned and private Chinese corporations as a certified Marketing, Branding and E-Commerce manager for the overseas market.

During my time on the mainland, I expanded my knowledge in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Traditional Chinese Massage, Tai Chi and Qi Gong as well.

I am also a certified Feng Shui advisor, Remote Viewer, and Speaker who has filled many auditoriums in China as a cultural and high-performance leadership coach and ambassador for a democratic and spiritual society of tomorrow.

​Having said goodbye to the country that holds so much potential but is led by the wrong people, I am now back to Europe sharing my professional knowledge and life experience with like-minded souls to help foster a deeper understanding of the essential eight pillars of holistic health and wellness to prepare society for stage 3-5 of the Fourth Turning, linked to the Agenda 2030 and the final step of Full Disclosure.

For further information about why Holistic Life Coaches are more important than ever and why you should start mastering the 8 pillars of holistic health and wellness yourself, please visit my 8P Cosmos website and check out a complimentary preview of my first E-Course.



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